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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Roads dangerous for pedestrians


     Last week the Columbia Patch had an article about another pedestrian being hit and killed along Route 1 in Jessup. How often have we heard of a pedestrian killed along this road?  When Route 1 was built sidewalks were never planned because no one ever walked along this road.  What has changed is that for many of the people who live and work along Route 1 don't have a car.  Many service workers in the businesses along this road are too poor to own a car.  Walking is their only way to get to a job.  Their jobs also may require them to walk along these roads in the dark, especially as the days get shorter.
      If you follow this blog you know my longstanding issue with the lack of sidewalks along Dobbin Road in Columbia.  Residential streets are not the only places that need sidewalks.  The need of sidewalks along our roads that lead our low income workers to their jobs should be as much a priority as affordable housing for this population.  Not all of these workers can afford to pay for cabs on their limited wages.  I would hope that as we make our communities more walkable we don't forget that walkability is economically essential for many of our service workers.


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