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Friday, October 7, 2016

BJ's Brewhouse

Image result for bj brewhouse laurel

    Decided this week to try the BJ's Brewhouse in Laurel to see what the restaurant was like since we will soon have one in Columbia at the Columbia Crossing Shopping Center.  The menu is varied with a little bit for everyone.  Burgers and pizza seemed to be the most popular items.

The Margarita flatbread pictured above was nothing special but a decent appetizer.  

      I usually try fish tacos when I see them on the menu so pictured above it their version of the dish.  Again not bad but far from the best I have ever had.  A good choice for fish tacos locally is the Green Turtle.
      First visit didn't leave me impressed but when they come to Columbia I will give them another try for their pizza and a turkey burger.

     I am not a beer drinker but being a brewhouse (off site of course) the menu did have a long list of specialty beers.

P.S. 1
     BJ's Brewhouse is not connected to BJ's Wholesale Club.  The Brewhouse started in Orange County California in 1978,  BJ's Wholesale Club was started in 1984 by the folks that brought us the old Zayre's Department Store.



Anonymous said...

BJ's Brewhouse isn't terrible, but in my opinion they're somewhat overrated. There have been franchises in Frederick and in Tyson's Corner for a while now. My son went to Hood College, in Frederick, so I've been to a few restaurants up there. If you're looking for a brewpub Brewer's Alley has much better food and beer than BJ's. As far as the one in Tyson's, it's across from the Mall; parking is almost impossible, and yet it's always packed, just because Tyson's is so crowded in general.

I didn't know there was one coming to Columbia, but I doubt I'll rush out to try it. I'm a fan of the Alehouse off Dobbin; I'll go there for my pub food.

Anonymous said...

Fish tacos at Green Turtle? Really? Sorry... Green Turtle is like Denny's ... you don't go there, you end up there....