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Monday, October 3, 2016

Large strange yellow object spotted in the sky yesterday

     What was that yellow object we saw in the sky yesterday?? Really, 7 straight days of heavy rain? Anyone ready to build an arc?  With our rainy weather of 6 inches or more last week it just seems that these heavy rains are becoming the new normal.  Even thinking back to the monster snow storm that we had last winter maybe something is changing.  It is always tricky to make assumptions about climate from any few of days of weather.  Weather is short term and climate is long term.  Even with the recent rains we are only a little above average for the year.  Remember how little rain we had this Summer and earlier in September or just the week before with blue skies for 5 days?
     Still the warmer oceans release more energy into our storms and create more frequent storms with increasing amounts of rain.  Time will tell if the storms of the past month are the new normal but with the rise of temperatures in the oceans it would be naive to think that we will not have to adjust to this new reality and plan for how we will cope with increased risk of flooding.


     At least this group of mushrooms along Cradlerock Way like the rains.  From a Google image search it looks like these are poisonous Jack-o'-Lantern mushrooms.


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