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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Life's second act in an art gallery

       How many of us have sat at a job that made sense for us when we were young and starting our careers and yet didn't satisfy our need to do what we love?  For one local merchant this has meant trading a life in a scientific career for one that followed her love of art.  Last week I had a chance to visit with Robin Holliday at the HorseSpirit Arts Gallery on Main Street in Ellicott City.  This gallery has been open for 4 months.   The prices in the Gallery range from $5 to $9,000.  Robin said that the criteria she uses for selecting an artist is that they are talented and a nice person.  If you read my Monday blog you have noticed that there are some interesting stories among the merchants along Main Street.

    I met Robin at our last blog party at Nalley Fresh and learned that she will be hosting a future blog party.

    Robin has a variety of artists in her shop from those who do sculpture, to jewelry to  photography and paintings.  Paintings are by far her most common art which she sells.   She does frequent events showing the art work of local artists.

     Her next event is March 13th from 4-6 pm featuring art of Yolanda Koh and Andrea Sauer shown above. Light refreshments served. 

   To someone like myself who is not very sophisticated in their knowledge of art I was fascinated at the creativity of many of the artists.  The picture above is a photograph that was printed on watercolor paper to give it the effect of being a painting.

   The fabric art to the left was created by Joyce Ritter whose art has been described  this way:

   "Joyce has found that people respond to fabric – it is familiar and tactile and warm. But what Joyce values most about fabric is its versatility. It can tell so many stories, so many feelings. Joyce’s series of Door Quilts morphed into a meditation on death and dying which helped Joyce’s friend face into her death by cancer. Joyce was transformed by the experience and her series of abstract pieces about creativity gave voice to both the problems and gratification of creating art."

    These delicate eggs shown above are by Wendy Ng who brought her precise scientific background to her work with egg decoration.  Her background is described here:

"Wendy has studied with various teachers of traditional fine arts media, has worked as a graphic designer, and was academically trained in the sciences before her exposure to Ukrainian eggs decorating. Since decorating her first egg with Ukrainian pysanky (wax resist dyeing technique) in 2004, she has decorated many eggs with traditional Ukrainian designs and is exploring designs influenced by her training in the arts and the sciences. Wendy is interested in unusual eggs: odd shapes, unusual colors, rare sizes as well as eggs from chickens, ducks, geese, guinea hens, turkeys, pigeons, emus, and ostriches. The eggs themselves often serve as the source of design inspirations."

   The rich colors of the paintings by Rhonda Schonwald catch your eye in a dramatic fashion.  She describes her work this way:
"My works play on emotions and draw from Nature, evoking serenity, sensuality, and joy. The relationships among colors of paint or forms in sculpture embody human emotions and interactions. My creations are reflections of life’s milestones, miracles, adventures, and triumphs.

The interactions of colors in my paintings are designed to provide an escape from reality. Often, my paintings are designed to hang multiple ways to provide for more than one image.

My three-dimensional works flow and undulate exemplifying Nature’s rocks, root systems, land contours, shriveled leaves, as well as the human torso. Working with clay enables me to capture the essence of those things that inspire me while exploring the sensuality of my chosen material."

   Above a musical instrument turned into a work of art. 

   Finally the sculptures of Ed Kidera shown above stand out for there sense of whimsy and creativity.  His work has been influenced in this way:

   " Ed’s schooling as an engineer has greatly influenced his work. Where he once designed large equipment that went on and in the ocean, he now designs his artwork not only for its appearance, but for its function and durability."

   So leaving the gallery I saw how many of us use art as a second act in our lives that adds to the richness of shared experiences.   Second acts are so much more rewarding.



Chris said...

What great shots of the artwork and what a great blog! Thank you!

Sara Arditti said...

We are so glad to have Robin and her Gallery on Main St. Historic Ellicott City is now an arts-centered town, we have many art venues, artists and an annual ArtWalk every October! You can see what is going on at the Ellicott City Arts Coalition and on Facebook

Elaine Weiner-Reed said...

This is great! I am an artist and am always happy when I see such wonderful article about artist and their events. Thanks so much!

Jessie Newburn said...

We're delighted to have Robin and HorseSpirit Arts Gallery as the host for one of our upcoming HoCoBlogs parties. These parties are for bloggers, their readers and local social media enthusiasts. Read here for more info -