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Monday, September 21, 2015

Top 15 TV shows all time

     I recently read an article in the Hollywood Reporter on the 100 Top TV shows from one reviewers opinion.  Everyone probably has their top shows so I thought I would post my 20 top favorites.  This includes some old and new shows.  Here would be my list.  With HBO and Netflix the definition of a TV show has changed.  What show have I left out from your list?

1) MASH- I have watched the reruns so much I can do the dialog on some shows with the actors.
2) Homeland-  I have heard people compare this show to 24 but I never watched that show.  No better show for suspend on terrorism.
3) House of Cards-  With Netflix producing this I know that it doesn't make it a TV show but I watch it on my TV so I am including it.
4) Downton Abby-  Of all the Masterpiece Theater shows this has had the biggest following and that includes my whole family.  I will be sad to see it end with this season shows.
5) Modern Family- You can see that the list is favoring current of recent shows.  Best topical comedy since All in the Family.
6) All in the Family- I could relate to "Meathead" in this show.  I knew a lot of Archie Bunkers.
7) Mad Men- Reminding us how sexist the 60's were.  Is this where the Republican candidates want to "restore" us to?
8) Cosby Show- I list it even with the bad news about Bill Cosby.  The show where he shows his son how it is to have to work and pay bills is a masterpiece. Watch it on Hulu is you subscribe.
9) Dick Van Dyke Show-  About time for an oldie show.
10) Mary Tyler Moore- Tie with Dick Van Dyke show
11) 6 Feet Under- R rated cable show available on Netflix.  Funny with a dark side.
If you like Breaking Bad you would like this show.
12) Twilight Zone- 1950's science fiction show that had some interesting plots. Watch on You Tube. The theme music is still eerie after all these year. Rod Sterling was a fascinating man.
13) The Office-  Who couldn't relate to the craziness of working in an office that this show spoofed.
14) Curb Your Enthusiasm- Larry David quirky sense of humor makes this show.
15) The Wire- Rounding out the top 15 is this Baltimore based drug show (interior scenes filmed where our Wegman's is located now) that has done more to damage the image of Baltimore than any other news report could do.

OK your turn.

    Special category all by itself is Bill Maher's show Real Time on HBO.  I download the show on Itunes to my MP3 player each week.  

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