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Monday, September 28, 2015

I will never use a taxi again!!

     I think this is the first time I have ever blogged on a service.  On a recent trip I needed to take a taxi from my hotel to the car rental place-- a distance of about 5 miles.  Taking a taxi cost me $30 with a tip.  On my return trip I decided to try something different.  I signed up for Uber and thought I might as well try it for the first time.  It was easy to use.  I entered the address where I was and then where I wanted to go.  Within 30 seconds I had the name and picture of the person giving me the ride and the amount I would owe.  Same ride using Uber cost me $9.80 including tip!  The driver pulled up within a minute and took me to my hotel in half the time of the taxi ride.  The ride was charged to my credit card I had listed on setting up my Uber account and I had a receipt as I walked into my hotel.
   We have seen how Amazon killed book stores and it seems only a matter of time until taxis go away the same way with Uber and services like Uber.  The world is "getting flat".

   If you want to sign up for an Uber account use the code duanes270ue and get a $20 credit for your first ride.  Full disclosure I get a $20 credit for everyone who uses my code.

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