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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I'm not "that" person!!!

    For the past couple of years my day has started by deleting 10 or 12 emails from public relations people from the Columbus, Ohio area.  Why am I getting these emails?  Because I am confused for a Duane St. Clair who is a writer for one of the local Columbus, Ohio newspapers.   If you think that opting out of correspondence from these people would end these emails you would be wrong.  I have tried this route but the emails only seem to multiply.   Sometimes I know more about what is happening in Columbus than I do about Columbia.  Are PR people too lazy to do a little research and find out that I am not the person they think I am?
     Of course like most people I have Googled my name and searched to see how many other Duane St. Clairs there are in the US.  Who would have ever thought that I could find at least 7 other Duane St. Clairs in the US.   In addition to the one in Columbus there is an OB/GYN in Idaho who is involved with Planned Parenthood and has been targeted by anti-abortion advocates.  I guess it wouldn't be safe for me to move to Idaho anytime soon.
     I once sent letters to the 7 other Duane St. Clairs with the addresses I found in just to say "hi" and comment on how unique it was to share the same name.  I asked each to write back and let me know a little about them.  That must have scared them off because no one wrote back.  I still thought it might be neat to meet someone with whom I shared a name just to compare notes on the name.  Maybe I will bump into them some day.

    One other commonality that I have always wanted to find is someone who was born the same day as I was.  I have come close once with a guy who I met and was born the day before me.  I know they are out there and I just have to keep searching.

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CGilbee said...

I have a sort of "pen pal" in Barcelona, Spain who has the same name as I do. Our gmail addresses are almost identical and I occasionally get her emails. Since I speak enough Spanish to understand and respond to the emails, I forward them to her. In the process we've exchanged information about our respective lives. If I ever get to Barcelona, or she comes here, it will be like getting together with an old friend.