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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter is harder on some than others

     This winter has been hard on everyone's energy bills.  Bills for fuel have far surpassed energy bills for the past few winters.  The average temperature at Baltimore-Washington International Airport in January 2014 was 27 degrees – compared to 35 in January 2013. In Hagerstown, the difference was even more dramatic, with an average temperature of 25 degrees in January 2014 versus 34 in January 2013.
      While it may take more dollars out of everyone's budget, for low income families it can mean having to choose between food, medicine or fuel.  The good news announced yesterday by Gov. O'Malley is that the State has made an additional $20 million available to low income Maryland families.  Families already approved for funds this year will automatically see the additional funds added to their accounts.  For those low income families that don't have accounts applications are now being taken.  You can apply at this link.
Individuals are asked to consider giving to the Fuel Fund directly at this link.

    Somehow I have avoided going into the Potbelly Sandwich Shop on Dobbin Road.  It replaced the Starbucks when they moved across the street.  Probably it has to do with trying to reduce the carbs I eat each day.  Anyway.  Potbelly like a lot of restaurants have "hidden menus" that are only known to super customers.  Here is the hidden one for Potbelly.  I think I gained a few pounds just looking at it.


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