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Saturday, February 15, 2014

House of Cards returns

    Yesterday the snow shoveling was made more manageable with the start of the second season of House of Cards on Netflix.  Being able to watch a whole season of episodes at once has changed how we view this series.  It also helps as there are so many characters and story lines that watching from week to week would be challenging.  If you like political stories this one is too good to be missed.  It is a little far fetched in how the main character works his way up the political ladder but it is good theater.  It's also fun to try and figure out where they are filming in Baltimore.

     Expecting the snow plows yesterday to plow in my driveway yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to watch the drivers plow the street in a way that pushed the snow away from driveways.  Given how heavy the snow was this was great.  It took more time to plow this way but was much appreciated by homeowners.  Howard County snow plow drivers came through with flying colors again yesterday.  My hats off to these County workers for the job they do.  They probably want to see Spring more than any of us.

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