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Friday, February 14, 2014

Want to give the unusual Valentine's Day gift?

   When do flowers or candy just not send the right sign of affection?  All week on NPR this product has been advertised.  I know that companies advertise on the markets with the demographics that match their product the best.  I am not sure what there is about the demographics of an NPR listener that matches this product but see what you think.
   There are two days you don't try to eat in a restaurant---Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.  So both days I try to make a special dinner at home with some good wine.

 This is the dish I will be attempting tonight with some couscous. 

   This is my choice in a wine.

  Trash and recycling for Howard County is sliding one day because of the snow. With the side roads unplowed today it maybe a challenge to get any trash picked up in the next couple of days.

P.S. 1

Maybe this is the best Valentine's gift for 2014

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