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Thursday, August 22, 2013

You won't believe this texting and driving story

     A couple of days ago driving on the Baltimore Beltway while listening to a NPR radio report on the dangers of texting while driving  I came up on a car that was driving slowly.  This slow car was causing the cars behind it to have to move to another lane.  When I got to the car and moved over to another lane I could see why the car was going slower than the other cars on the road.  The driver was texting on her phone with both hands off the steering wheel and was steering with her knees!  On the Baltimore Beltway! Twice glancing at her during the 5- 10 seconds I was beside her she had her head down looking at her phone and not at the road ahead of her.  Multi tasking in the office may have become a way of life but it was a little scary to see this on the road.

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Anonymous said...

Did you call the authorities and report this?