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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Advanced Placement test scores for Howard County high schools

    A recent Baltimore Sun article discussed the results of the most recent advanced placement test results for Maryland and each county in Maryland.  Not surprisingly Maryland was the top scoring state and Howard County was the top scoring county in Maryland.  This result shows the high performance level of the students in our school system overall.  While all the county high schools are above average in most areas tested there are some areas that reflected some differences in the student populations across the county.  River Hill and Centennial not surprisingly tested the highest and the Columbia high schools of Long Reach, Hammond, Oakland Mills and Wilde Lake tested the lowest.  The range of testing for college preparedness ranged from a high of 64% at Riverhill to a low of 27% at Hammond.  County high schools all ranked in the top sixth out of almost 240 Maryland high schools tested with River Hill scoring number 7 out of the 240 schools.

  Fuller report from HoCo School System.

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