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Friday, August 16, 2013

OK-- so what do you do with a tub of tofu??

   Cutting back on meat makes so much sense on many levels.  A plant based diet has many benefits outlined in the China Study.  The environmental benefits of less meat production are also substantial. Finally, a plant based diet would probably help with our obesity problem.  Having just spent a week with my daughter and son-in-law who are both vegan I decided to try some meat alternatives.
   I decided to try a few meat alternatives to see how they stacked up to meat.  Tofu was the first thing I tried.  I have tried tofu before but it always left me disappointed in its texture and lack of taste.

      I remembered having some "mock" scrambled eggs made with tofu once and decided to try it again. I found this recipe on You Tube and it made a good substitute for eggs. My efforts are pictured above. I added tomato, onion and spinach to add even more flavor.  I bought the tofu in a big tub at the Lotto Asian Market in Catonsville. Much cheaper than at a regular supermarket.

    Next I tried some tofu sloppy joes.  I found this recipe and added some chopped portobello mushrooms and wine that made the dish even better.  This would probably work with spaghetti sauce as a meat substitute.
    Finally I tried to make some "mock" bacon bits with tofu.  After breaking down the tofu and adding some soy sauce and smoked paprika and rolling in some bread crumbs, I fried the tofu in some light oil.  After a while I was able to get the tofu crispy.  Not exactly bacon bits but it did have a good flavor.
    I have decided to try and use tofu as a meat substitute twice a week to see if I can move away from meat at least a few days a week.

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