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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sink holes in Columbia??

   While walking around the pond at Sewell's Orchard yesterday I can to a section of the path that had been taped off as shown in the picture below.
   At first I wasn't sure what the problem was but then I noticed some areas around the path that had some small sink holes.  And you probably thought this only happened in Florida.

The sink hole pictured above probably is too small to take a house or a person but I have to say that I was tempted to put my foot in the hole to see how deep it was.

From NPR:
"When former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died Monday, the hashtag #nowthatcherisdead popped up on Twitter. For some, it was the Cher's name that stood out to them, not Thatcher's." 
 Be rest assured that Cher is still alive.

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Chris Bachmann said...

Yup. We have sink holes all over Maryland. Like the one that swallowed up an entire intersection on Howard St in 98 or thereabouts.

And the main hash tag among my UK friends for Thatcher was #dingdongthewitchisdead