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Monday, April 1, 2013

Disney to develop a theme park in downtown Columbia

    In a move that caught many of us by surprise Walt Disney Parks and Resorts announced today in a early morning press release the development of a themed park in downtown Columbia.
   In a move similar to one used by Jim Rouse in the development of Columbia the purchase of the land for this project had been conducted with "dummy" companies posing as housing developers for condos and apartments in the area around the Columbia Mall.  Announced today was a park similar to the Tomorrowland park at Disney World.  Attractions will include a maglev thrill ride that will rocket riders around the Columbia Mall at speeds of 150 mph and a nightly electric light parade similar to the one held nightly at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.
      While the announcement was a surprise to many the plans are similar to some that the Rouse Company had explored early in the planning of Columbia.
    Jim Rouse had often looked at the development of an area similar to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark.   No longer will Columbia be seen as a sedate, 1970's styled suburban community.  With today's announcement Columbia will have a regional draw for people to visit that the Columbia Mall has never achieved.  As one Disney spokesperson explained, "No one will ever say Columbia is plain vanilla anymore!"

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Midnight Ryder said...

Clever! Some like photoshop.
Some will believe anything!