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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Columbia Association and electric cars

   Last week I drove by the Owen Brown Village Office and noticed what looked like a charging station for electric cars.  Who put the station there?  A little digging and I found out that the Columbia Association had installed 3 of these charging stations---this one at the Owen Brown Village Office and 2 more in Harper's Choice.  It seems that they are up and operating and available to anyone to use.

   Contacting CA I was directed to Chick Rhodehamel who supplied me with the following info on the charging stations:
      "It took a bit of doing, but the Columbia Association did manage to qualify for the chargers, which were part of the Obama Stimulus program, out of the Department of Energy. By the time we were qualified in the Fall of 2012, the program was drawing to close and we could only get three chargers (which had been turned back into the program by other jurisdictions who were not going to make the installation deadline of the program). Long story made short, we moved heaven and earth to get all the approvals, permits and federal paperwork completed in time and qualified contractor on board to get these chargers and have them installed and operational."

Never mess with a frog.  See the proof.

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