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Monday, February 13, 2012

Elite Education at a Community College Price--Rouse Scholars Program

   With the cost of tuition reaching levels that have priced many young people out of a college education or put them tens of thousands of dollars in debt, Howard County students have an opportunity to have an experience at the Howard Community College that compares to any educational experience at a college costing many times more.  The Rouse Scholars Program "the nationally-acclaimed James W. Rouse Scholars Program is a selective challenging honors and leadership program designed for transfer to distinguished four-year colleges and universities at the end of the sophomore year.  Rouse  Scholars participate in challenging honors course work, leadership development, projects involving community mentors, cultural and recreational activities, international travel opportunities and the many of benefits of an honors learning community."

    The program has four options of study: Liberal Arts, Business, Life Sciences, Mass Media and Production.
"Each Rouse scholar is assigned to an academic advisor who specializes in the program's requirements, requirements specific to each major and transfer preparation. Advisors work closely with each student to select coursework that fits their individual interests, requirements and transfer plans."

    Retreats are held twice a year "are an opportunity for Rouse freshmen and sophomores, faculty and staff to learn more about one another and form the friendships and associations unique to the Rouse Scholars Program."  Foreign travel and Summer Study programs are available through partnerships with a number of partner colleges. Tuition is about $3,600 a year with many types of financial aid available.

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