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Saturday, September 10, 2011

BBQ Ribs without traveling to Memphis—Red, Hot and Blue in Laurel

I know that many others have favorite rib places like Barebones, Famous Dave’s and Kolby’s Smokehouse but for my money no one touches Red, Hot and Blue 617  Main St. in Laurel.  This place has been a favorite for years with our family.  Many birthdays and Father’s Days have been celebrated here. 

As a fan of dry baby back ribs no others come close.  I have never been a fan of wet ribs as the sauce tends to overwhelm the smoked meat flavor.  For those who still like the BBQ sauce on the ribs you can always add it to your dry ribs at the table.  The Delta Double has solved my dilemma of where to get the pulled pork or the ribs.  The Delta Double gives you both. 

No trip would be complete without the onion loaf.  Much better than the Blooming Onion at Outback.  Sprinkle on some of the dry rub and a little BBQ sauce and you have something that makes my mouth water.  For a burger that is so big you can’t fit it in your mouth try the “all in burger” is a burger with pulled pork and onion straws on top.  The Red, Hot and Blue nachos are the best I have had anywhere and if ordered as an appetizer it feeds 4-5 people.

Finally the desserts (who has room!) of banana pudding and fruit cobbler are great.  Memphis truly comes to Laurel.

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