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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is God telling us something with what has happened this past week?

It is always interesting to see how some people still try to tie natural events to God trying to tell us something.  I can just image that somewhere there is some preacher who would relate the damage to the National Cathedral in this week's earthquake to the President allowing gays to serve in the military or the hurricane hitting New York today with their recent legislation allowing gay marriage. I wonder why those same folks don't use the same reasoning when we have good weather as God's being pleased with something we've done.  Maybe our elected officials should check the weather forecast before signing legislation.

Most of us laugh at the action of Harold Camping predicting the end of the world this past May or be disgusted at the Westboro church demonstrating at the funerals of soldiers but we have a Presidential candidate using a religious event as the kickoff to his political campaign.  The increasing use of God to imply that He (She?) favors a political position is demagoguery. We can all easily condemn the perpetrators of 9/11 using their religious beliefs to justify their actions but we should also be concerned when politicians imply they were called by God to run for office.

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