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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Best places for a meeting

For the past 8 years working out of my home I usually tried to arrange meetings at community locations that let you linger when meeting with someone.  Now that I am back to working in an office I still find it nice to met with someone over a coffee or a bagel.

In the past the Bagel Bin or really when it was the Bagel Shoppe it was the place to meet and you could be sure if you were there you would be sure to see someone you knew.  I think it has lost some of that appeal as other alternatives have appeared.  Coffee places seem to have gained a following.  The Starbucks on Dobbin and Mad City have become popular meeting places for local business.  It is hard to go into one of these places and not see some business being transacted.

Lunchtime favorite seems to be the Panera Bread in Dobbin Center.  It is hard to find a place near an outlet in the Panera that isn’t already being used by someone.  The trend to offering WiFi has certainly caused this. Of course the place to have an important meeting in a place to impress someone is still Clyde’s.  Nice view and good service but you can’t linger there as long.

But the new meeting place for anytime during the day is the Lakeside CafĂ© in the American Cities Building.  I usually stick to the Carnilla drink that is like a vanilla/ caramel latte.  Now that the weather is nice and you can sit outside. The only problem is that the lawn maintenance workers seem to frequently pick the time that I am outside to use their mowers, weed wackers and leaf blowers.

Anyone else have a favorite?

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hoco connect said...

A reader today suggested adding La Madeline to the list. Good choice.