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Friday, April 29, 2011

Prince William and Cate Middleton start a new royal tradition

Guess I chose to blog on the event that people will be talking about today and put my own spin on the event. It seems with each generation of the Royal Family (of course I refer to the British Royal Family—is there any other?) they become less royal in the traditional sense and reflect more of a “common” touch. It was once mandatory for future kings and queens to only marry other royalty. It seems like Queen Elizabeth will be the last Queen to follow that tradition. Prince Charles broke that tradition in marring Princess Diana. Can’t blame him with the potential partners get better looking when you expand your choices beyond other royals. Having said that what does he see in Camilla (not that Charles would ever be offered a modeling job)? Prince William seems to have chosen another beauty.

The tradition that they are breaking that I like most is that instead of having people send them gifts they are requesting donations to the charities they support. Prince William and Cate Middleton have requested that people donate to one of their charities instead of giving them gifts. Credit the younger generation for showing the way to a more socially aware world. This is a trend that I would suggest for all of us that really don’t need more “stuff.” The trend to request a donation to charities is one that I have suggested to my family instead of giving me Christmas and birthday gifts. My family has also started donating to a Baltimore family at Christmas that consists of a grandmother raising her four grandchildren.

Think about getting into that giving spirit the next time you celebrate a special occasion. It truly is better to give than receive.

On a more serious note the article on the cold weather shelter and the increasing use of the shelter for families is disturbing.

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