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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Medicare------ the Evil Socialistic Program that is Destroying our Country’s Financial Health---- REALLY??

I generally leave the political posts to other bloggers who do a good job on reporting on political issues but today I thought I might deviate some from my normal post content.

Do we really feel that this County’s problems should be fixed by throwing our elderly under the bus when it comes to providing them health care? Do Republicans lie awake at night thinking how to undo the most popular program of the Great Society? To hear the latest budget proposals from the House Republicans on fixing our budget deficits by trying to change the Medicare into a “voucher” system is disheartening. Maybe the Democrats ought to use the Republican wording and start calling this the Republican “death panel” idea.

Somehow are country’s priorities are misplaced when we can spend hundreds of billions of dollars overnight to bale out corporations that created the latest financial mess and then use our budget deficit as an excuse to attack the safety nets like Social Security and Medicare that have allowed the elderly to live with some dignity for the past decades. Do we really think that the old commandment to honor your father and mother is just too socialistic for this country?

OK, I might agree that costs of Medicare have been rising at rates that are not sustainable. But is the greed in the system the elderly or the obscene profits of our insurance and pharmacutical companies? Is it better to cut care than attack the true reasons our health care takes up more of our GDP every year?

I will be blogging more in the near future on our broken health care system on how we have the best heath care in the world and one of the worst health care delivery systems.

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