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Friday, July 24, 2020

How the next pandemic could be much so worse

    We are all shocked by how the World could be so impacted by the COVID-19 virus.  The infectiousness of Covid-19 has made this virus difficult to manage.  People don't get sick quickly enough to control the spread.  As bad as the virus has been we are fortunate that the death rate for the virus doesn't come close to the rate for more deadly viruses.  Smallpox has a death rate of 30 percent.  What would happen if the next virus has the same infectiousness and has a death rate similar to Smallpox or Ebola?  Could we be looking at a number of people killed being in the billions rather than the millions?
    Another scary reality that has been shown with this virus is that when you have your country being led by a non-governing political party you are vulnerable to disastrous consequences with any virus or disease.  Today's Republican Party has no interest in governing.  They only know how to be an opposition party and when they are given governing power they don't know what to do with it.  It is like the dog catching the car.  They have shown no ability to address any national need.  They are proud of how few bills are passed in Congress.  In the middle of a pandemic, they move ahead in trying to restrict people's access to healthcare.  They are a political party that only seems to be against things than proponents of any particular political thought.  Only in a nihilist political party like the Republican Party could an empty-headed person like Trump be successful. 
     The world has shown that countries that have leaders who have an interest in governing can address problems like a pandemic in much more effective ways.  With our non-governing administration, we have become the pariah of the World.  Many countries prevent us from traveling there.  Want to go to Europe?  Nope.  Even Canada is restricting Americans from traveling there.  "Make America Great Again" has led us to "See America because no one else will have us."

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