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Monday, July 13, 2020

Gov. Hogan's crazy election plan

      To date, Gov. Hogan has received favorable marks for responsibly handling the Covid-19 response in Maryland.  While not being perfect we have been spared the impact of the virus that has plagued other states.  Hogan has been willing to go in a different direction than the stupidity shown by the Trump Administration.  Apparently now our Governor has decided that moving to just a mail-in vote in November is too much a Democrat method.  Going against the advice of most County election officials the Governor plans to open all voting sites and requiring voters who want to vote by mail to send back an application to vote by mail.  This will require additional expense and effort to election officials that could have been reduced by just mailing everyone the mail-in ballot.  The only possible result of this 2 step method is to reduce the number of people voting by mail.  Having more people vote in person in a pandemic seems to be moving in the direction of the stupidity of the Trump Administration that our Governor has resisted in the past.   With this plan, the Governor has possibly set up a disaster with our vote in November if the virus returns at a level similar to what other states are now experiencing.   If that happens it may be too late to shift to the vote by mail system we should now be working on perfecting.

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