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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Message for bikers (and pedestrians)

    Cyclist kills pedestrian; does calling “on your left” not work ...

     It seems like I post this issue every year but here it is again.  Running or walking along Columbia's paths it seems that many bikers find it inconvenient to call out their passing on the left.  This is particularly dangerous when they are flying downhill.   Bells are hard to hear especially when rung too far back.  Bikers can't assume that pedestrians will stay in their lane to allow safe passage.  It is the biker's responsibility to have a safe passage, not the pedestrian's.

     As a biker also, I also have to remind pedestrians that having headphones up on a high volume is not helping the safety situation.  Especially when walking down the center of the path.  I leave one earbud out just to hear anyone coming up behind me.

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