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Monday, March 30, 2020

Is it safe to walk past people today with the covid-19 virus?

     Most of us are wondering how safe it is to be out near people when we don't know who might be infected and passing on the virus.  Is the air around us safe to breathe?  Here is some information that may give some information to use as a guide.
    The spread of the virus is much more likely from contact on hands than breathing it in. Washing hands after being out of the home is still the most important way to stop the spread. The size of the droplets carrying the virus is important in understanding how this virus is spread. The droplets from Covid-19 are a large droplet that causes it to drop to the surfaces in a few seconds unlike the droplets from the measles virus that are small and hang in the air for hours. Think of it as the difference between a rain droplet and fog droplet. One can hang in the air for hours and one falls to the ground rapidly. One report stated it this way: Even if the virus infects only a small fraction of those who come into contact with it, the extremely low rate among close contacts and the absence of infections in some household members of patients suggests that it rarely exists as an aerosol in most real-world situations.

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