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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Covid-19 might just get us thinking of using new products

   I know that for many families the thought of running out of toilet paper ranks up there with running out of food.  This week we still had a supply of toilet paper to last a few weeks but we were going to run out of paper towels.  A few years ago after realizing how much we spent on paper products I cut back on my use of paper towels and tried to use a cloth towel more.  Now our near term need for more paper towels might require me to venture out to buy more or search Amazon for a shipment, I found a potentially better solution.  Towels made out of bamboo.  I hesitate to even call them paper towels but they are similar.

Image result for bamboo paper towels

   At $10 for a 30 sheet roll that might seem a poor substitute for paper towels but they can be washed 100 times.  That is potentially 3,000 uses for $10.  That is a lot of spills.  The environmental impact of using bamboo is really an environmental benefit.  Bamboo regenerates in mass fully every 6 months as opposed to years for a tree.  First paper towels then maybe bamboo toilet paper?

    Even crazier than the hoarding of toilet paper is the panic buying of bottled water.  Up to the 1970's bottled water was rare.  Now people have forgotten we have water coming out of the faucet.


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