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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Moratorium on political posts


     My Facebook home page these days has seen the battle between the followers of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.   People living in "Trumpland" and people living in "Clintonland" are living in different bubbles.  I really do wonder about the future of our country that seems as divided
as our county was in the 1850's.  I don't expect a Civil War again but I am not sure what we will look like if the divisions keep widening.
      I don't post to Facebook because I use my blog to express my policy beliefs.  If you follow this blog you know my feelings about universal health care and gun control.  I know that those who share my beliefs and those who oppose my beliefs don't change their views because of my posts.  It is the same for posts on Facebook.  So for the next 100 days that we have to endure the crazy politics of this election cycle I am not posting anything political.  I recommend the same for people posting on Facebook. We are a very divided Country right now.  I get that.  Let's not let the small part of us that is our political beliefs make us intolerant of those who don't share our political beliefs.  No one enjoys political debate more than me but I am tired of the debate these days.  I wish the election was today as I am not looking forward to hearing more of the divisive discourse going on now.  The problem is that there are already people ready to start the 2020 election the day after this year's election.  It makes me envious of the countries with parliamentary systems that can change leaders in a matter of days.


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Carl D Jones said...

I am tempted to post a comment about a possible third party run, but first we would need to have a third party that was serious about its own chances so I will take your pledge and refrain.