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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Act now for the best grapes you will ever taste

    There is a little secret out there in the grocery stores right now.  We are now in that tiny window of a couple of weeks when you can get the grapes called Cotton Candy.  They are now in Giant and Wegman's among other grocery stores.  If you haven't tried them don't let their high price stop you from trying them.  Don't wait as they will be gone soon as they are so popular.  I know you will be hooked on them as much as I am.  For a real treat freeze some of them to eat frozen.  They will be like eating real candy!

      I have thought twice about doing this post as I really don't want these grapes to disappear too quickly before I have my annual fill of these grapes.


1 comment:

Josie said...

I tried these for the first time last week on family vacation and still preferred the red grapes. So that's one less reader vying for your grapes ;-)