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Friday, October 23, 2015

Bagel Bin in Kings Contrivance is closed

   Doing walks along the Patuxent Trail to the Bagel Bin in Kings Contrivance was one of my favorite Fall and Winter walks.  To my surprise yesterday I found out that the Bagel Bin there was closed for good.  It isn't surprising when you couldn't but help noticing how the condition of the bathrooms there had been deteriorating.  Seemed that the owner wasn't making enough money to maintain the condition of the place.  As the only Bagel Bin that didn't make their bagels at the location, because of their small size, the bagels did seem less fresh.  Still it leaves me with just McD's for breakfast after a walk and I am not a fan of McD's.  Would like to have some other place for breakfast in that location.



Anonymous said...

You can't grab a bagel or other baked item from Harris Teeter? Granted, it's not as good as (the real) Bagel Bin, but I've generally been impressed with H-T's bakery products.

duanestclair said...

I will have to try HT.