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Friday, August 7, 2015

10 things to try at Howard County restaurants

     I have a habit of going to same restaurants and ordering the same dish that is one of my favorites.  I usually go the restaurants with an idea to try something new on the menu and then end up ordering my favorite item again.  So I thought I would share some of these favorites with everyone.  Here is a list of 10 of my favorites

1) Grilled Caesar Salad at Aida Bistro.  I don't know how they make this salad to have its smoky flavor but when it is mixed with the excellent Caesar dressing this dish is worth ordering as a main dish.

2) Baby back ribs at Red, Hot and Blue-  OK I know technically this Laurel restaurant is not in Howard County but it is so close that I include it on my list.  Add the onion loaf to this meal and it makes my mouth water.

3) Chicken Tikka Masala at Royal Taj- Is there any Indian dish as popular as this dish?  Like a lot of Americans this is the dish we most frequently order at an Indian restaurant.  I have ordered it at 10 or 12 other Indian restaurants but no one does it better than the Royal Taj.  Yogurt next door at Yogi Castle is always the way to top off a meal at Royal Taj.

4) Black Angus burger with duck fat fries at Victoria's Gastro Pub I usually order turkey burgers but this Black Angus burger is too good to miss.  The duck fat fries sound greasy but they are amazing.

5) London Broil sandwich at Bon Fresco-- It is hard to make a wrong choice at this place but the London broil and pork loin sandwiches are my favorites.

6) Margherita pizza at Bertucci's-- I don't think of Howard County as a great place for pizza ( see P.S. below) but the wood fried pizzas at Bertrucci's aren't bad and the simplicity of the Margherita pizza at Bertucci's is a good choice for me.

7) American breakfast at La Madeleine's-  Like pizza places Howard County isn't know for good breakfast places.  But having said that the American and French breakfasts on the La Madeleine's menu are well worth a visit.

8) Kofta and Chicken Kabob at Maiwand Kabobs-- There maybe cheaper places to get kabobs but this place is still the best.

9) Jumbo lump crab cake at Clydes-- It seems that every visitor to Maryland wants to try a crab cake and it is nice to know that we can take visitors to a local restaurant to show them how a good crab cake tastes.

10) Carnitas Tepatitlan at El Azteca-  Thank goodness for a real Mexican restaurant in Howard County.  The chain places are horrible.  The fish tacos are also great.

   OK so here is my list.  What have I missed listing??

Displaying 0805151656-picsay.jpg

   Here is what you get in New York City at Angelo's for pizza!  Coal fired.



Anonymous said...

Korean Fried Chicken from Bon Chon.

We prefer the kabobs at Norah's Kabob to Maiwand, and the ribs at Bare Bones to Red Hot and Blue, but that's just personal taste.

Brent The Brewer said...

Nice list. I haven't tried some of those places, so I will need to head out.

Burgers - Believe it or not, I think the burgers at Fat Burger are my favorite. However, paired with the fries, Victoria wins.

Ribs - I think the ribs at RG's BBQ Cafe in Laurel are pretty awesome. They are my favorite around the area. You need to try them if you haven't and get a chance.

Breakfast - Eggspectation owns it. Hands down, they have the best breakfast around.

Pizza - It's not your typical pizza, but the square pan pizza at Stained Glass Pub is amazing. It reminds me of the pizza my mom use to make me when I was a kid, which to this day is still my favorite. I think it is half off on Mondays and Tuesdays for dine in.