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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Columbia Association "slowing the flow"

      We have heard a great deal of storm water management related to the so called "rain tax."  The amount of lawn and farming fertilizer going to our streams, lakes and the Bay is an environmental problem.  Storm water pond management is one way to lessen the impact of fertilizers on the algae grown in our lakes and the Bay.  Above is a sign on how CA is working on one storm water pond in Long Reach.

   This storm water pond has vegetation to help filter the water of pollutants and create a water habitat for a variety of animals.

   The plant color added to this site is a pleasant visual for walkers on the path nearby.

    This is what we are trying to prevent.


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Ned said...

And the government can only do part of this job. They can do the larger retrofits, but each of us with a backyard will need to install our own rain gardens and capture the water that flows off our roofs and driveways. The Master Gardeners of Howard County can help you design your garden.