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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blog party at Seasons 52 tomorrow

 Tomorrow's blog party is a triple winner for me.  First,  I have always been a big promoter of these blog parties as a great way to meet folks into writing and reading blogs.  Blogs are such an interesting way to stay connected to our community.  Second, tonight's party is being hosted by the Howard County Library and its Choose Civility program.  As a board member of the Friends of the Library which is a sponsor of this program I would hope that more people would support our Library and its work.  Third, I have been thinking that I need to try the new Seasons 52 restaurant that has just recently opened.  Tomorrow's blog party helps me in all three ways.  Here is the info and registration for the party.

"Join us! As Howard County's Library System gears up for its annual Choose Civility Week and symposium, they're co-hosting the next HoCoBlogs party along with -- and at -- Seasons 52 in the new outdoor wing of the Mall in Columbia.

Come by! As always, there will be interesting people and great conversations; and Seasons 52 is being quite generous by offering beer and wine on the earlier side of the party, a variety of flatbreads (yum!) and chicken skewers. Make sure you save room for the minis, the scrumptious little desserts they serve. Weather permitting, we'll be outside in their adorable and spacious patio; weather not permitting, we'll be inside at one of their lush and cozy private rooms.

And tune in to the Choose Civility annual symposium. This year's theme is "The Ball's in Your Court: Can Civility and Sports Coexist?" The symposium is October 9th, 6:30-8:30 pm, held at the HCLS Miller Branch and free, of course. More info and register at"

    Next clue for Columbia Cash.

Money is by a tree near this area with the Harris Teeter container.  I didn't leave this container but some party litterbug did.


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Jessie Newburn said...

Hi Duane! Great post and thank you for the shout-out about the parties. I'm utterly biased and I think the parties are great fun and a wonderful way to connect in the community. See you tomorrow!