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Monday, June 25, 2012

Why are gas prices so high in Columbia?

   I guess the simple answer to my question on gas prices is that we should expect prices to be high in our County with our high income levels.  Gas sellers will talk about the higher costs to operate in Columbia but that logic doesn't always work.  Is it really higher to operate in Columbia than Elkridge, Clarksville or North Laurel?  I always use Gas Buddy to survey gas prices in our area.  I consider where I might be driving in the week to plan when and where I will buy gas.  No sense in driving too far to save a few pennies.  I almost never buy gas in Columbia as it is always higher than a few miles outside town.  The only exception is at Costco and judging by the usual long lines there most of Columbia residents do the same thing.  I can't help but notice how many big SUV's are at this station.  I almost never see more than one person in these SUV's.  If you can afford $40,000 for a vehicle why worry about the price of gas?

    As usual when I checked recently the 7-11 on Route 1 in N. Laurel ( just below the CarMax) was the cheapest at $3.23.  Remember when $3 dollar gas wasn't considered cheap??  This follows the trend of the cheapest gas being near Laurel. Costco came in next at $3.29. Freestate in Clarksville (which only accepts cash) came in at $3.29 also.  Exxon at Stevens Forest Road and Broken Land came in the highest at $3.63.

The only exception to my rule on where to buy gas is that I will buy gas at the BP on Harper's Farm road because of my experience years ago with getting my cars repaired there.  The past 10 years I have been going to Foreign Auto Experts in Elkridge off Route 1 in Elkridge.  A little out of our way but worth it.  We usually take our car their and leave it overnight and pick up the next evening. Try them for the best and most honest car repairs.  They specialize in Hondas and Toyotas. Tell Steve or Brian I recommended them.  Any other recommendations for car repairs in our area?

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Anonymous said...

BP on Harper's Farm - Chris and his technicians do a good job and have always been honest. Not the cheapest, but definitely honest and reliable.

HoCo Connect said...

I second your recommendation of Chris at the Harpers Farm BP. He was always honest and fair in doing work on my cars.

Corey Andrews said...

It's $3.27 in Elkridge at the Exxon and the Hess in Rte 1.