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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time limit on Christmas Decorations

I have noticed the reduced views of blogs on the weekends (I guess folks have better things to do on nice weekends than read blogs like they do at work on workdays!) I thought I would do an off topic random thought today.

At the risk of being the Grinch I thought it might be time for folks to take down their Christmas decorations. Running in the dark in the morning it is interesting how it seems more people are leaving their decoration lights up way past Christmas. Allview seems to have the greatest number of procrastinators. I know that is more fun to put them up than take them down but having them up for Easter kind of runs the holidays together. I can also see not wanting to get up on your roof in the bad winter weather in January but folks it is almost Spring. It is almost time for folks to hang the Easter eggs on their trees.

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