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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 predictions

      I can see two possible scenarios where 2019 could be the end of the Trump Administration.  Call me a hopeless liberal idealist!   The first one is that the Justice Department and the Special Counsel's office negotiate a deal with Trump that they will not indict his kids if he agrees to resign.  He might take that deal to keep his kids from having to go to trail.  Of course that type of deal might have to include a pardon for himself from Pence.  Not sure what Pence would think of that but at least he gets to be President for over a year.  Might be the only way for him to ever become President.  To have this deal work it might also have to involve some deals with the New York State prosecutors.   Kind of complicated but who knows.
     The second scenario is that the Mueller report is devastating with Trump criminal behavior, the economy goes into recession because of Trumps trade wars and those combined with Trump pulling troops out of South Korea and limiting the US role in NATO scaring enough Republican Senators that conviction on the articles of impeachment is possible.  You already have some Republican Senator push back on his pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan.  This pulling back of US influence in the World and giving more influence to our enemies might just be the straw that breaks the Republican backs.  Had it once on thinner grounds and we might see it again.
     Here's to hoping for a light at the end of the 2019 tunnel.

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