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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Just a simple question

   Now that Republicans in Congress are coming to the belief that Judge Roy Moore is morally unqualified to serve in Congress and will expel him if he is elected, do they feel that the moral standard to serve as President should be lower?


Carl D Jones said...

I don't know about the Republicans you hang around with but I believe in the theory of "innocent until proven guilty" and this doesn't mean guilt in the court of media opinion. Can the media legitimately bring situations and evidence for the same to the fore, yes. Should you or I be tried in the media, I think not.

That being said, if you wait a few more days you will see that the good citizens of Alabama will sort out this situation in the fashion that is best for Alabama.

duanestclair said...

In the case of both Moore and Trump we have their own words that admit guilt. With Trump the Access Hollywood tape is his admission of guilt of sexual harassment. With Moore his statement that he "didn't date any woman without the mother's permission" seems to strongly suggest he "dated" girls young enough that he sought parental permission.

I was fully prepared for someone to say "what about Bill Clinton?" Bill Clinton is as bad as Moore and Trump and I wouldn't vote for him either. Look for a post from me on my experience as a college intern on Capitol Hill in the 1970's. I saw and heard things that indicate how the climate of the Hill perpetrated harassment.