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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Main Street Ellicott City recovery

    While you still see the damage from the flood on Main Street, like shown above and below, more merchants are beginning to return.

    The merchants below Old Columbia Pike will be the slowest to return.  Many stores are still boarded up.

   The farther up the street you can see most merchants are beginning to open.

   This weekend I went back to see a couple of merchants that I had highlighted in blogs earlier this year.  Main Street Oriental Rugs shown above had a grand re-opening on Saturday with food outside the store.

   The flood waters came in the back of the store and did damage rugs in the store.  Some were lost and some were restored. 

    A similar story for the Horse Spirit Gallery farther down the street.

   Owner Robin Holliday, shown above, said that the store had over 50 inches of water in the store during the flood.  Some items were lost but most were salvaged.
    Over the next few months and maybe years we will see how the plans for a renewed Main Street play out.  Right now the picture is unsettled.

     Live from Susan B. Anthony's grave today.


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